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Join us in the school year 2023/2024

Kindergartens and schools

Every kindergarten and school that wishes to participate in our project can fill out the application.


Would you like your child to participate in an international ‘Say Hello to the World’ project? You can speak to your kindergarten teacher and inform her about us, or contact us. We will try to do our best to make it happen.


  • The school year that is coming to end was a special one for us because we took part in the international project. It was new fun experience for both children and pedagogues. We made new friends at Ilirska-Bistrica kindergarten, Slovenia. It was interesting both preparing for and taking part in video meetings. We learned a lot about each other and learned new words in English and Slovenian. Children very much liked the Slovenian folk song "Marko skače", they still often sing it in our playgroup. Klaipėda Kindergarten "Versme", A.Z. (LITHUANIA)
  • This participation included teachers and children experienced many joyful emotions. Children's horizons expanded and gained a lot of knowledge about yourself and your family, your nursery, your city, country, and also, more importantly, met with children from other šalies- Slovenian life, the surrounding environment. Our children participating in the project realized that live on this earth many different nationalities of children, but they are very similar to us, because they have their own country, her home town, parents, friends and their nursery, they also all love, like us. Really fun that children read and experienced a joyous fellowship with other children of the country. We are all children of this land, we live under the same sun. We sincerely thank you for the opportunity to participate in an international project, "Say hello to the world." I'm a teacher, participating together with their children in this project, I had a wonderful time, where I gained more experience, more familiar with our friends teachers and children from Slovenia, really thanks to you I was interested in your country, your culture, customs and myself, together with you and all of our children, I broadened my horizons. I think that such projects really full benefit of all. I wish the entire team of organizers further success! Klaipėdos lopšelis-darželis „Vyturėlis“, I.Ž. (LITHUANIA)
  • It was a very useful experience not only for teachers who took part in the project, but for Lithuanian students too. They are happy that they met students from a foreign country. They were waiting for each meeting very much. Joniskis ''Saules'' basic school, A.V. (LITHUANIA)
  • We had a very good time in this project. We learned a lot by preparing so many materials for children and we learned some new things of participating country - Slovenia. We've enjoying in every moment being part of this project. Dječji vrtić Prečko, V.B. (CROATIA)
  • It was the most interesting Project we ever had. We had much experience and good time during video calls. Children learnt a lot, because our children were so interested about what they are doing. They always asked teacher about Slovenian children. They were asking to invite them to our kindergarten. So we wish to this Project all the best, that it never ends and many kindergarten from different countries, from all over the World had a possibility to participate in such a Project. We wish for all Project Group many and great days. Klaipėdos lopšeliui-darželiui ,,Volungėlė“, I.G. (LITHUANIA)
  • All meetings via Video call were very good. The sharing of knowledge and customs, was very enriching was also very rewarding for children, to know that their works were seen by children from another country. It was very good to win. Fundação Bomfim, A.P.V.M, (PORTUGAL)
  • Special moments in this project was working together with children, involvement of parents. Cooperation with the kindergarten Šentjur was great, had a great effort and the kids cheered each time with the package that we opened with great curiosity. Children are actively understand their role and wrestled together what we could do for his friends. Through the finger theme, we got to know yourself better, our city, the environment in which we live and learn things about Slovenia. What would most earmarked happiness of children during the meeting, greeting, waving, and I hope we will cooperate and continue. Dječji vrtić Kosjenka, H.K. (CROATIA)
  • We enjoy the exchange of cultures and mainly to show a little of what we are. It was beautiful and rewarding to see the enthusiasm of the children when it came time to make the call for Slovenia. We like this experience very much. Fundação Bomfim, S.M. (PORTUGAL)
  • The final meeting was close. Children were very happy and sad at the same time as well as we. We found the anthem on the Say hello web site and made a copy of it for practice. Then children wanted to sing the song in our language but because we have difficulties translating the song we stayed at the original English version and learned it with the help of CD and video. Also children suggested that they could make big hands of paper for showing to their friends in Lithuania. At the end of our joined singing we said goodbye to each other and almost cried. This project is very special, not just because we did something new but mostly because we made new friends and send our hearts and spirit across the Europe. This experience made us better teachers in means that we felt some new energy for looking further in future of children's education. Children also had many benefits as well. Not only they have made new friends but they found that these children are the same as they are; love to play, sing and dance, have their kindergarten and teachers. Through this project we both children and teachers filled our hearts and souls with love, tolerance and friendship towards Lithuania and their people. We think this is our major benefit from this project. Thank you everyone. Now that we experienced Lithuania on line we have a big wish to see it in real. So we suggest that project managers find some EU support to finance some trip to Lithuania for teachers and as well that they could visit us in Croatia too. Dječji vrtić Ivane Brlić Mažuranić, B.Š. (CROATIA)
  • Friendship. When distance brings people closer. When differences fade and become like approach relatives. Smile. And no longer need any words. Surprise. Excellent examples of activities and results. When we reach one goal by different methods Language. As one way to get to know people and the world. Knowledge. Through music, culture, and communication. The realization that we are one nation of men to live in the same name- planet Earth. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your beautiful, with a particular project. We had a great experience. We look forward to further cooperation in the future. Good luck, an impressive summer for all team ,,Say hello to the world" Kindergarten »Vyturėlis« Klaipeda, E.A. (LITHUANIA)
  • Each topic presented original and unforgettable moments for the kids and for the teachers alike. During each call, our friends from Croatia were always cheerful, friendly and happy. It was really fun to talk, dance, sing and play together with them. We have also enjoyed the moments of making and sending presents and, of course, receiving presents from them. They are endlessly warm and kind people. Our only suggestion would be - to keep growing, because this is really an amazing project and we truly think that kindergartens from all around the world would love to participate in it. Big thanks to organizers and keep up the good work ! Preschool “Puriena”, R.J. (LITHUANIA)
  • We love to see that apeasr the distance the other kids are like us and play at school as us !!! Kindergarten is like ours! Gosteamos much to learn words in the language of other boys !!! It was very interesting this contact with a country with a child with a language so different from ours. THANK YOU Centro Social da Paróquia de S. Martinho de Medelo , P.C. (PORTUGAL)
  • Children learnt about Croatia, met with children from there. For children it was strange to communicate with other children, who speak unfamiliar language. Children understood that, even though in world live so many different people, they all have similarities. Everyone wants to be happy and live with loving family. Everyone loves their city and is proud being their country nationals. Klaipėda Kindergarten "Versme", B.B. (LITHUANIA)