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Kindergartens and schools

Every kindergarten and school that wishes to participate in our project can fill out the application.


Would you like your child to participate in an international ‘Say Hello to the World’ project? You can speak to your kindergarten teacher and inform her about us, or contact us. We will try to do our best to make it happen.

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Number of countries participating with us: 29
Number of kindergartens and schools Saying Hello with us: 577
More than 9230 kindergarten and school teachers collaborating.
More than 56940 children virtually traveling the World. 

FINI Institute Radeče team is expanding its network and is looking for representatives of the international ‘Say Hello to the World’ project.

  • Would you like to become a part of a creative and innovative team?
  • Would you like to increase your income or make some extra earnings?
  • Are you interested in working with children?
  • Would you like to propagate positive values of the project?
  • Do you want to change the world?

Then it’s time for YOU to JOIN US!

'Say Hello to the World' project is about ...

... showing the children of the world what living in other countries is like, and teaching them that tolerance of all nations and cultures is one of the most important things we can embrace and learn in our lives.

The project is based on developing the awareness of one's identity, learning about other cultures, establish concern for social justice, and it encourages the promotion of interaction between children and the development of social skills.

By connecting children in kindergartens from all around the world via our video network, they can see how children in other countries live and communicate in hundreds of languages unknown to them.

By using our book, 'Say hello to the World', children can break through the barriers of language and communicate and learn about the world in a way never possible before. The books intention is to motivate children through different interesting activities and thus teach them to reject stereotypes, prejudices and intolerance towards anyone including foreigners, the elderly, etc. This will contribute to children ultimately experiencing a greater quality of life, creating solidarity and learning respect, especially nowadays, when the world is becoming increasingly open and accessible.

Here you can read more about the project. 

Can you imagine what we can do together?



First video call - Domžale (Slovenia) & Tallinn (Estonia)

16/04/2024 08:28:19

Rainbow group from Estonia had first video call during upcoming Christmas days and preparations. Their work and activities for the first finger topic was in beautiful Christmas spirit and style. Read more ...

First video call - Telšiai (Lithuania) & Domžale (Slovenia)

20/02/2024 10:58:20

This is group "Hedgehogs" from Lithuania during the activities. Good example how creative you can be. Read more ...

Second video call - Zagreb (Croatia) & İzmit (Turkey)

22/01/2024 10:44:59

"Koalas" group presenting and preparing for the second topic. This is their first time participating in our project and they are very creative. Warm welcome from Say hello family to Koalas from Turkey. Read more ...

Brod Moravice (Croatia) - Kaunas (Lithuania)

10/07/2023 13:55:42

Take a look at the lovely photos that professional workers from Croatia (OŠ Brod Moravice) and Lithuania (Kaunas Shilas Primary School) shared with us. You can see the activities that take place as part of the "Five Fingers" program. Read more ...

Środa Wielkopolska (Poland) - Maribor (Slovenia)

10/07/2023 10:17:10

Take a look at the lovely photos that professional workers from Poland (Anglojęzyczna Przedszkolandia Żłobkolandia, Niepubliczne Przedszkole i Żłobek Daria Doros) and Slovenia  (OŠ Bojana Ilicha) shared with us. Read more ...