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Join us in the school year 2018/2019


Every kindergarten that wishes to participate in our project can fill out the application.


Would you like your child to participate in an international ‘Say Hello to the World’ project? You can speak to your kindergarten teacher and inform her about us, or contact us. We will try to do our best to make it happen.


The 5th International Conference of the »Say Hello to the World« Project And the Introduction of the NEW EDUGATE Project

29/03/2019 08:33:36

The 5th International Conference of the "Say Hello to the World" project will take place on April 26th, 2019 in the Rimske terme. We will listen to the expert presentations by dr. Read more ...

Active Chair

23/05/2018 07:52:48

A CHAIR MADE FOR  A CHILD’S HEALTHY DEVELOPMENT Why is it important what kind of chair children are growing up on? Don’t let the essential years for your child’s healthy development pass by. Read more ...


23/05/2018 07:10:59

Pozorko was designed by two educators, teachers and mothers who interact with students, teachers, parents, nursery school children, nursery school teachers and their own families on a daily basis. Read more ...

The Best International Project for Children

03/08/2017 09:22:42

We are excited to tell you about a worldwide children’s movement for Kindergarteners that we have created with the hopes that you’ll feel compelled to write about this for your magazine. Read more ...

Welcome to the new journey

23/08/2016 18:17:22

There is a new school year ahead, full of knowledge, discoveries and friendships. Enia is looking forward to new adventures with more than 5,000 children from around the world. Read more ...

The growth of the International ‘Say Hello to the World’ project

23/08/2016 18:17:22

The year 2011: A pilot implementation of the project in kindergarten from Radeče (Slovenia) and kindergarten from Gothenburg (Sweden). The year 2012: Slovenia, Italy, Hungary, Malta, Norway, Lithuania and Brazil. Read more ...

Project through the eyes of the children from Alpha-Vila kindergarten (Brazil)

23/08/2016 18:17:22

1st finger – THIS IS ME We decided to share with our Canadian friends some of the things we like. Some of us like a TV show, some of us like superheros. Read more ...

Schooling also for Fatoumatta

23/08/2016 18:17:22

Education should be accessible to all children in the world. Unfortunately, it is not always so, that is why it is important that each person, in its own way, tries to make a brighter future for as many children as possible. Read more ...

For our participating kindergartens

23/08/2016 18:17:22

In May, we are preparing a novelty which will be very interesting as for your kindergarten as for our Institute. Read more ...

A brighter future for a little girl named Sainey

23/08/2016 18:17:22

We have announced the happy news to a little girl Sainey, for which we will pay the tuition with the funds, raised with the sale of our picture books. Sainey will get a paid schooling for 1 year, a school uniform and textbooks. Read more ...

A better future for Ousman

23/08/2016 18:17:22

We are helping to get the proper education for the third child from Mo-Beta kindergarten from Gambia. The funds will be used for tuition, a school uniform and textbooks.   Ousman is 8 years old. Read more ...

Tuition for the girl named Veronic

23/08/2016 18:17:22

We have raised enough funds to pay for the tuition, a school uniform and textbooks for the second child, for which we are truly proud of and very happy about. The girl is 3 years old. She has three older sisters and two older brothers. Read more ...

A Promise to a Better Future

23/08/2016 18:17:22

Tuition for the boy named Austine From each order of the “Say Hello to the World Picture Book” through our website, we will donate 2.00 € for the schooling of children in Gambia. Read more ...

19th International competition on the theme 'Ethnological dresses and dances of my people'

23/08/2016 18:17:22

The Gallery of Young People's Art Works Celje is the only permanent gallery in Slovenia earmarked for young artists up to the age of 20 from all over the world. Read more ...

Collaboration with the Mo beta Nursery and kindergarten from Gambia

23/08/2016 18:17:22

We started the new school year full of joy, enthusiasm and pride, because children and professional workers from Radeče Kindergarten and Nova Gorica Kindergarten have, for the very first time, “Said Hello” to Africa, more specifically to Read more ...

Welcome to the new school year

23/08/2016 18:17:22

We are again very busy in our FINI Institution because we have managed to connect kindergartens and schools from 16 countries already. Read more ...

We are 'traveling' to Africa in October

23/08/2016 18:17:22

With pride and smile on our faces we are announcing that our project will be held also in Africa. Read more ...

World Religion Day

23/08/2016 18:17:22

A Catholic, a Muslim, an Orthodox, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Jew and an Atheist – all of them are my friends! Religious freedom is a recognized human right which is also a part of the Slovenian Constitution. Read more ...

Friendship Unites Us - Krško Kindergarten (STARS)

23/08/2016 18:17:22

FRIENDSHIP UNITES US   with the 'Say Hello to the World' project   What actually is friendship and how is it formed? Who am I? Who are we? . . . We started to wonder and to explore. Read more ...

St. Stephen's Day - Norway, Lithuania, Hungary and Italy

23/08/2016 18:17:22

St. Stephen's day is celebrated in honour of St. Stephen, the Saint who was the first Christian martyr and the patron saint of horses. In Slovenia is a custom that farmers bless their horses, water and salt. Read more ...

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