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Application Form

‘Say Hello to the World’ connects children in kindergartens and schools by video network and ‘My Hello’ web application, where they can see each other live, wave to each other and learn their first foreign words. Much attention is given to learning about different cultures, traditions and ways of living. Children can show each other how they play, what songs they sing, what environment they live in, what food they eat, what language they speak, etc.

By joining the project the kindergartens/schools are obligated to participate in designing and building ‘A Tolerant Kindergarten’ / ‘A Tolerant School’ as a way of living. The title reflects acceptance as we must show the children that we are not the same but are nevertheless equal.

In order to provide a suitable partner for all registered kindergartens and schools, we have already started receiving applications for participation in the 2024/2025 school year.

Application form at Google Drive:


Fill out the online application form:


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or download and print this application form and send it to:


FINI zavod Radeče

Kolenov graben 8

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Application Form (PDF)