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Kindergartens and schools

Every kindergarten and school that wishes to participate in our project can fill out the application.


Would you like your child to participate in an international ‘Say Hello to the World’ project? You can speak to your kindergarten teacher and inform her about us, or contact us. We will try to do our best to make it happen.

Year 2023/2024

First video call - Telšiai (Lithuania) & Domžale (Slovenia)

20/02/2024 10:58:20

This is group "Hedgehogs" from Lithuania during the activities. Good example how creative you can be. They made a wonderful poster similar to our official logo and they were doing research about friends from Slovenia, by watching the video and find them on the globe. Perfect and creative, good job dear friends!👏❤️

Tags: Say Hello to the World, Say Hello, international project, preschool, kindergarten, lithuania, darželis, slovenia, vrtec urša domžale