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Aims of the Programme

  • International cooperation becomes the aim of every kindergarten.
  • Solving problems of intolerance, overcoming stereotypes and prejudices by learning about narrower and wider social and cultural environment and understanding of intercultural and other differences.
  • Participation in the programme, learning and discovering home environment and the wider world develops children’s national and civil awareness.
  • Children learn about formation of the society, different functions of closer social environment, professions, working and cultural environments.
  • Possibility of learning about different cultures and traditions.
  • By joining the Project, the children develop their creativity and use acquired knowledge in games, creations, dancing, singing, drawings, etc.
  • Connecting children from Europe and other countries, making friends.
  • Learning about the safe use of a computer.
  • Promotion of voluntariness and humanitarianism.
  • Promotion and learning about Slovenia.