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Short – Term Goals (Five Fingers)

On the basis of the preliminary expected results, Council of the FINI zavod Radeče (hereinafter referred to as 'the Institute') will be able to properly assess and argument, if a particular kindergarten/school was sufficiently successful with implementation of the project 'Say Hello to the World' and can righteously obtain the honourable title 'A Tolerant Kindergarten'/'A Tolerant School'.

The ‘Five Fingers’ programme consists of five topics and each month you will discuss one topic.

1st topic THIS IS ME (thumb)

2ndtopic ME AND MY FAMILY (pointer/index finger)

3rd topic ME AND MY KINDERGARTEN (middle finger)

4th topic ME AND MY TOWN (ring finger)

5th topic ME AND MY COUNTRY (pinky/little finger)

6th topic FAREWELL (palm)