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Rok Terkaj

Rok Terkaj is a musician

"The project is excellent because the modern technology is connecting what otherwise cannot be connected . It is nice that young people are aware that via internet they can be closer to each other than they think, and also that children from all around the world can learn where Slovenia is and maybe visit it someday."

Jana Koteska

Jana Koteska is a model, designer, presenter of a TV show Mission Possible

"To me the 'Say Hello to the World' project seems like an interesting way of getting to know different cultures from the early years of childhood. When I was in kindergarten this possibility did not exist, therefore, I welcome the new technology and the people that make this possible for the children, since they can slip to the other end of the world with only one click and build new contacts which might grow into great friendships. It seems important to me that children in kindergartens are aware of the diversity of the World and thereby broaden their horizons and spread good reputation of our beautiful country outside its borders."

Maja Keuc

Maja Keuc is a musician

"I think this is a good project because it encourages children to communicate and provides a sense of equivalence between human beings. Children in their most important period of life, when they're taking in the most information, learn to be relaxed and open minded, they're making friends and get much needed security and confirmation, which is quite an important factor during this period of growing up. I think there should actually be such a subject in school, since not all children have equal living conditions and families that would make the normal growing up possible. Therefore, "Say hello to the world"! :)"

Alen Podlesnik

Alen Podlesnik is a radio presenter

"I Support. I endorse, because this is so much fun for kids, because it is informative, because they are expanding horizons already at an early age, because it encourages tolerance, gives self-confidence, and last but not least, I don't understand why you didn't think of this last year when I was still in kindergarten? :)"