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Initiators for joining the 'Say Hello to the World' project can be teachers or the principal. The title 'A Tolerant Kindergarten'/'A Tolerant School' can be achieved by completing the activities according to determined working programme for the certain school year.

By joining the 'Say Hello to the World' Project the school or kindergarten gains:

  • Development of national and civil awarenes.
  • Awareness that people are different, that interests and needs of others must be considered.
  • Building the positive self-image, self-esteem and dignity.
  • Development of tolerance among children, education for peace and non-violent resolutions of conflicts.
  • Direct contacts and connections with other kindergartens or schools abroad.
  • Awareness that some days of the year are of special importance in a certain country.
  • Developing skills of cooperation, communication, learning foreign languages.
  • Connecting professional teams.
  • Informing children about the first safe use of computers.
  • Developing innovation, creativity, use of acquired information and knowledge.
  • 'A Tolerant Kindergarten'/'A Tolerant School' title.